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Planning for the Protection of Your People, Processes and Property

Is your company ready if a disaster strikes?

Events such as hurricanes and terrorist bombings can adversely impact the organisations affected. Thankfully, these events are rare and whilst it might be unlikely that your organisation is affected by such an event, are you prepared for the consequences of a fire or flood? Do you know how your business will be affected if you did not have access into your premises for a day or two? While you might take every precaution to prevent a disaster, the company next door may not be so fastidious. An incident on their premises may also affect yours.

Looting and rioting in cities across England has affected many businesses, especially in the retail sectors. Is the violence going to recede or grow? Are your business premises secure? Are your employees safe travelling to, from and at work? Is there something that can be done to minimise the impact of the criminal activity on your services?

What can you do to prepare for these events that threaten the normal operations of any organisation? Do you need to demonstrate to regulatory authorities, insurers or customers that you have taken precautions to protect your business against such events?

We can help, find out how.