Our Services

We are experienced in developing and implementing complete Business Continuity Management programmes or we can help you with any combination of the following component services.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Determine the Mission Critical Activities; impact of interruption; time and resources required for recovery.

Risk Assessment (RA)

Identify and mitigate the risks that could cause the Mission Critical Activities to be interrupted.

Formulate Business Continuity Policies and Strategies

Identify how and where Business Continuity is applied and define what will need to be done in the event of a business interruption.

Develop and rehearse Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans

Document roles, responsibilities, activities and tasks for managing an emergency or crisis and resumption of normal business.

Develop and deliver Training and Awareness workshops

Training and awareness for the roles of executives, management, recovery teams and those responsible for administration of Business Continuity Management.

Help select and negotiate with IT and other recovery service providers.

Help choose the most appropriate suppliers for IT, work area and other continuity services through formal or informal tender processes.

For details on any of these services or how we can help you with your Business Continuity Programme, please contact us.